The Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitors

Last Updated on April 01, 2024

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1440p Ultrawide Gaming Deals

We found some seriously juicy discounts on feature-packed ultrawide gaming monitors. These ultra immersive screens just got way more affordable after huge price drops. We're talking ultrawides with high 120Hz+ refresh rates for buttery smooth gameplay, fast 1-5ms response times to prevent ghosting, and sharp 1440p+ resolution so you can see every detail. Now's the time to ascend to an ultrawide without the usual ultra high price tag. But act fast before these epic deals are gone!

Cheapest 1080p Ultrawides

Want an immersive ultrawide gaming experience without breaking the bank? We found the most affordable 1080p ultrawide monitors to upgrade your setup on a budget. With their super wide screens, these monitors surround you in gameplay for next-level immersion. And with fast response times and high refresh rates, the action is just as fluid as it is immersive. Visuals are still sharp at 1080p resolution. If you care more about super smooth, super immersive gameplay over flashy high-res visuals, these awesomely priced 1080p ultrawide displays deliver.

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Best 60Hz Ultrawide Deals

If you want an immersive ultrawide but don't need high refresh rates, check out these 60Hz ultrawide monitor deals. They're perfect as secondary monitors for work where you won't miss the faster refresh. Or for gamers who enjoy immersive single-player experiences more than fast-paced competitive play. You still get the same ultra widescreen real estate for incredible immersion. And you save money by sticking to 60Hz refresh rather than paying more for 144Hz you may not need. Enjoy a more affordable route to ultra widescreen glory.

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