The Best Monitors for PS5 Gaming

Last Updated on April 01, 2024

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Cheapest for 4K 120fps Gaming

Want the visual punch of 4K and the silky smoothness of 120fps when gaming on your PS5? To get 4K resolutions at 120fps, you need an HDMI 2.1 compatible monitor, which all these budget picks deliver. Enjoy ultra sharp details in a stunning 4K resolution while still having gameplay up to 120fps for super fluid action. Get the most out of your PS5's 4K 120fps capabilities without having to pay a premium. These affordable monitors have exactly what you need for next-gen 4K high fps gameplay.

Best for 1440p 120fps Gaming

Want smooth 120fps gameplay on your PS5 while still getting a sharp 1440p picture? Then check out these monitors specially picked for 1440p 120fps. You get much more visual detail than 1080p without needing the full 4K treatment. And with a 120Hz refresh rate, games look and feel incredibly fluid. For PS5 players who want to enjoy high fps gameplay with better graphics than 1080p, these monitors deliver the best bang for your buck. You'll get buttery smooth 1440p gaming that takes full advantage of your console's capabilities.

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Best OLED Monitors for PS5

Want the absolute best monitor for your PS5, with no compromises? Check out these OLED monitors designed to unlock the full potential of your console. They deliver sharp 1440p+ resolution, silky smooth 120Hz+ refresh rates, and ultra fast response times. But what makes them stand out is their stunning OLED displays, which offer the best picture quality money can buy. With deep blacks, vibrant color, and infinite contrast, these OLED beauties make games come alive. If you want to spare no expense and get the ultimate PS5 gaming experience, these monitors deliver.

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