The Best 4K Gaming Monitors
in April 2024

Last Updated on April 01, 2024

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Best 4K 120Hz+ Monitor Deals

Craving silky smooth 4K gaming at 120Hz or higher but without the usual steep prices? We found the most affordable 4K gaming monitors that still deliver ultra HD visuals and high 120Hz+ refresh rates. You'll get four times the resolution of 1080p to see every detail in stunning clarity. And refresh rates of 120Hz or higher provide super fluid frames. The best part is that all these monitors support HDMI 2.1 which is great for console players who want 4K gameplay at up to 120 fps. Experience cutting-edge 4K gaming immersion without cutting too deep into your wallet.

4K 60Hz Monitors Under $300

If you want stunning 4K visuals but don't need high frame rates and are on a tighter budget, check out these monitors. They deliver ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution for under $300, perfect for gamers who don't care about high refresh rates. You'll still get deep immersion from the incredible level of detail. And while they max out at 60Hz, these monitors all support response times of 5ms or less for smooth gameplay without ghosting. Enjoy gorgeous 4K gaming visuals without needing a high fps or a high price tag.

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Cheapest 4K OLED Monitors

Let's face it, 4K OLED gaming monitors aren't cheap. But if you want the absolute best picture quality with inky blacks and vibrant colors, OLED is unbeatable. For those set on the visual splendor of 4K OLED, this list shows the most affordable route to breathtaking image quality. You'll get four times the resolution of 1080p and the stunning pixel-perfect contrast of OLED - all for the lowest prices available. They still cost a pretty penny, but these monitors deliver a truly unmatched and ultra immersive gaming experience through their pristine 4K OLED visuals.

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