About Tech Audit TV

Tech Audit TV Gaming Setup

Tech Audit TV (also commonly referred to as "TATV") started in 2016 as a YouTube channel hosted by Brandon Hassler. Since then, the channel has grown to over 100,000 subscribers and is dedicated to helping viewers build their dream gaming setup at the best price.

To further that mission, this website was built. The goal: Create an effortless way for gamers to find the right product for them at the right price. To make that happen, we pull the latest prices for the best products from retailers across the web and display it all in one place so that users can quickly see where they can get the best deals. Our catalog of products is growing every day and we're working hard to track as many retailers as possible.

Outside of finding the best prices, TATV also aims to provide as much educational information as possible through both our social channels like YouTube & TikTok as well as right here while you shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

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All of the pricing is in USD. How can I switch it to my local currency?

Why is the site just gaming monitors? What happened to all of the other products like PC's, chairs, keyboards, microphones, etc?

There is a monitor I have my eye on but it's missing from the TATV site. What gives?